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The site is located in Northern Administrative district of Moscow, along the important city highway - the Leningrad highway. The multi-purpose complex consists of two basic independent parts: a shopping & entertainment center and office center which are joined by a plaza. The other component of the complex consists of a 5 story car parking area and technical constructions. Facades of a multi-purpose complex are solved in modern stylistics. In furnish of facades durable high-quality materials are applied: structural glassing, metal front panels and panels “sandwich” with firm coverings.

Moscow Russia

2007 /2008

office, shopping center



concept design +SD +WD+ site supervision


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Minsk Belarus







TerraCity is developed as the largest shopping and entertainment centre in Lara, Antalya . The most distinguished feature of the centre is the open terrace area located on the roof including restaurants that will remain open also at night. The required leasable area and the form of the land plot guided the design of the shopping centre with a linear customer flow having atriums at each end. The centre is composed of five retail levels with 48,000 sqm leasable area and three underground parking levels for 1,400 cars. The rectangular land plot, located on the way to Lara, is surrounded by traffic roads with different sizes. Two urban squares are designed at the entrances facing the main road. The underground parking access is planned from two secondary streets on the sides. The service and logistic access is planned from the rear. The site is situated on the way to Lara, a popular tourist destination and high quality residential district. TerraCity became an attraction centre for both local residents and tourist. Terracity integrates into the environment as an interpretation of contemporary Mediterranean Architecture with vivid colors and natural materials. The project as the largest shopping centre in Antalya addresses the lack of large leasable areas required by organized retailers. In addition, the architectural and management features provide a comfortable environment and high quality services. 18 food units including national and international brands are located on the food court area. Total seating capacity is 850 units. Three fine dining restaurants and two cafe-bars are designed on the 3rd level terrace. Open and enclosed seating areas enriched by landscape and special lighting provide a unique experience. The 3rd level will be opened at the end of the year, following the completion of cinema block. The hot water demand of restaurants, hypermarket, cinema,, food court units and staff is obtained from the solar collectors located on the roof. Cooling load of the centre is reduced by the utilization of water heat pump system from the existing underground water. Design of large skylights is avoided considering the climatic condition of Antalya region. 176 shops / 171 of them were leased out and the remaining will be leased out following the completion of cinema block. Main Anchors: Macrocenter(3,300 sqm) / Teknosa (3,300 sqm) / Inditex Brands (3,400 sqm) / M&S (1,400 sqm) / LCW (2,100 sm) Customer visit at the opening month: 900,000 Customer visit at the opening date: 65,000 Terracity received Highly Commended awards in “Mall of the Year” and “Best Retail Destination of The Year” at Retail City Awards, Cityscape Global in 2011.

Antalya- TURKEY





concept design + Schematic Design + working Documentation


MIDTOWN Shopping Mall_Bodrum / TURKEY






concept design +SD +WD+ site supervision


Metropolis Shopping Mall (extension)

Moscow, Russia


shopping mall


schematic design + construction documentation


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