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IBB Wholesale Fishmarket

Our project is located on a site of 118 247 m2 at the Anatolian side of Istanbul, in Tuzla region. The fish market is well defined by its function. Its size and operation is defined by the scale of transaction of sea food products through this facility as wholesales. It is mainly one level big box which is around 16500m2 in one level. It is a big prism sizes 130 m x 170 m x 10 m . Main parts of the building are delivery halls, market hall, auction hall and cold rooms which are connected to the spaces of processing-and-preparation. The hearth of this box is, ''THE MARKET HALL'' where all the sea products are on display for wholesale. Open auction hall where the agents and buyers will use for bidding is also one of the most active and core areas. In front of the entrance there are agency representative offices which are designed as a closed community and have an independent courtyard of their own for recreation.

İstanbul, TURKEY


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Project started on 08 March, 2014

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